University of Illinois Picks Mira Instant Replay

September 13, 2013

One of two Mira Control Surface panels in the control room at University of Illinois

The university of Illinois, in Champaign, has installed an eight-channel Mira Instant Replay server with two Mira Control Surfaces. The dual-user system entertains and informs fans on the digital scoreboard in multiple sporting venues on campus.

The selection of the Mira system followed extensive testing and evaluation by the broadcast technical and operational staff at Illini Productions, a department within the division of Intercollegiate Athletics at University of Illinois. Multiple vendors were short-listed, including Abekas, staff observed freelance and student operators learning the systems. The Abekas Mira was selected for scoring high marks in ergonomic, intuitive and flexible operation.

“We evaluated a number of instant replay systems and found Mira to not only be affordable but easy to use,” says Andy Young, Assistant Athletic Director, University of Illinois. “Fans expect to see the same production values on the scoreboard in the stadium as they see at home. For the first time we can engage fans with replays from six different camera angles.”

The university employs a full-time staff of eight and relies on a combination of freelance and student operators to run the instant replay system on game-day. The Mira dual-user capability, combined with the playlist features, allow one operator to prepare sponsored half-time highlight packages while the other operator is capturing clips from up to six cameras. At the end of the event,  playlists are melted to Avid to produce web highlights and distribution to other partners.

We at Abekas are excited to hear stadium patrons at University of Illinois sporting events are enthused with the new six-angle replays, thanks to our Mira Instant Replay server,” says Douglas Johnson, Chief Product Manager at Abekas. “This enthusiasm illustrates that Mira is a game-changer, and shines brightly against competing replay servers in the marketplace.”