TNDV Takes Mira IR on the Road to the White House

December 10, 2012

TNDV’s “Stanley” has an audience with the President at the White House

For over 15 years the team at Tennessee Digital Video has been in, around, and on mobile television production trucks. Operating three production trucks out of their base in Murfreesboro, TN, TNDV covers everything from live sports, events and concerts, to religious programming. They even took an “Evening of Country Music” to the White House. TNDV uses an eight-channel Mira Instant Replay to capture the action.

The flexibility of the trucks and their ability to be reconfigured to meet the clients requirements means that TNDV can pack their eight-channel Abekas Mira Instant Replay with the new Mira Control Surface whenever a production requires instant replay. This was the case recently when TNDV completed the coverage on a ten-game high school football season for Fox 17 in middle Tennessee. For the first time capturing all the action in HD from their “Aspiration” expando truck.