In today’s demanding live television production applications, every production switcher has a connected clip server for playing animated transitions and video clips for the live production—and to feed “on-set” displays. Specifically designed to be a switcher’s companion, Tria is the most advanced and feature-rich clip server on the market today.

Tria™ hits the market sweet spot with its unique “three-channel” playback architecture, which features a dedicated “VKA” (video+key+audio) output channel, with two additional video+audio output channels.


At NAB 2014 Sony demonstrated the seamless integration between the Abekas Tria and Mira multi-channel production servers and their complete range of MVS switchers.
Sony MVS RS422 Control over TRIA
TRIA Functional Diagram 3CH
TRIA Functional Diagram 1CH
Tria RS422 Serial Control
Tria Import Supported Media File Formats
Tria Export Supported Media File Formats
Tria Explorer GUI on Remote PC