Mira Replay

Producing instant replay of live televised sporting events is always a fast-paced and demanding endeavor. Reliability, instant responsiveness, superior image quality and interoperability within the production workflow are critical requirements.

Mira™ REPLAY takes on these tasks and more—since. This model of Mira is optimized to handle the very high bandwidth demands of non-stop recording from multiple cameras, with simultaneous instant replay on one or two output video channels.


Part 1. This video shows you how to open Mira Explorer, and then explains the basics of the Mira Explorer interface.
Part 2. This video shows you the most important settings to consider before you're ready to record a new replay event.
Part 3. This video will walk you through the process of starting a new replay event, as well as deleting an old replay event.
Part 4. This video provides an overview of the different sections of the Mira Replay Graphical User Interface.
Part 5. This video will teach you the basics of saving a clip.
Part 6. This video will teach you the basics of adding saved clips to playlists.

Mira Replay Tip: Demo Mode. This video will show you how to engage and use Demo Mode.
Mike Bilbow explains how UGA uses Mira Instant Replay to engage fans in the stadium on game day.
David Hougland, Director Broadcast Services, Texas Tech Athletics, describes how Mira Instant Replay is used and why it’s such great value for money.
Mike Lickert, Director Rock Chalk Video, Kansas Athletics, describes how they use their dual-user Abekas Mira Instant Replay system to engage fans in the stadium.
Abekas is pleased to participate in the innovative OpenTruck program – its dual-user, eight-channel Mira Instant Replay server captures the action on game day.
Douglas Johnson, Chief Product Manager at Abekas, demonstrates and describes the new features in Mira 5.0 Software
Mira File Exporter List of Files
8 Channel Mira Instant Replay Functional Diagrams
4 Channel Mira Instant Replay Functional Diagrams
Mira File Importer List of Files
Mira Explorer GUI on Remote PC
Sony MVS RS422 Control over Tria & Mira Servers