Mira Production

A variety of tasks must be performed during live television productions, whether based in the studio or in the confines of a mobile television production truck. Recording and playback of multiple high-quality video signals is an essential requirement, along with fast media file ingest and export.

The Mira™ PRODUCTION server is tailored for all of these live television production tasks, with optional features available for specific operational environments. Incredibly flexible and robust, the Mira PRODUCTION server is sure to fit your needs.


At NAB 2014 Sony demonstrated the seamless integration between the Abekas Tria and Mira multi-channel production servers and their complete range of MVS switchers.
Douglas Johnson, Chief Product Manager at Abekas, demonstrates and describes the new features in Mira 5.0 Software
Mira File Exporter List of Files
Mira File Importer List of Files
Mira Explorer GUI on Remote PC
Sony MVS RS422 Control over Tria & Mira Servers