The winning combination for the hybrid online editing suite.

Maintaining a competitive edge in the on-line editing environment demands speed, sophistication, power and flexibility. With Axial/MX you have the power to interface and edit with today’s HD gear and the flexibility to switch back to SD at any time.

Designed in a sleek, compact chassis, Axial/MX combines all of the editing capabilities and features found in the industry-standard Axial 3000, into a system which is capable of visual editing in SD and all common HD formats, including 24P.

Providing maximum performance for today’s hybrid tape/disk, HD/SD, non-linear/on-line edit suite, Axial/MX’s superior device control, auto-caching, auto-assembly, slow motion effects, visual editing and RAVE provides unrivaled control to every on-line operator, making this baby the Editors’ Choice.