December 8, 2015

Access Hollywood Installs Abekas Mira Production Servers

Mira multi-channel servers support three shows daily including a live evening show

Menlo Park, CA—December 8, 2015— Abekas announced today that entertainment news show, Access Hollywood, produced by NBC/Universal, has installed three Mira™ Production multi-channel servers at their new facility in Universal City, California. 20 channels of Mira Production feed both on-set displays and replay graphics throughout three separate shows recorded daily. The final show of the day is broadcast live to the Access Hollywood east coast audience.

The 20 channels of Mira Server are divided into three working groups. Four channels are used to feed on-set displays and provide graphics backup. Eight channels are used in a video/key configuration to play back graphics throughout each show. Four channels are dedicated to the switcher that controls the Mira directly to recall opening graphics and transitions with audio. The remaining four channels are used for graphics backup.

The new Access Hollywood set features three separate areas used throughout the show and for different shows. The main central set features a large display behind the on-camera talent where the production team plans to display 4K images in the future by utilizing the 4K features of the Mira Server.

“The Mira is the perfect tool for the job. It’s easy to use and technically very reliable. Getting everything ready for the switch to the new facility in July this year was a struggle, but we made it happen thanks to products like the Mira that just work as advertised,” said Erick Diaz, Technical Operations Manager, Access Hollywood/NBC Universal.

“The flexibility and speed of operation make Mira perfectly suited to the programing delivered by the crew at Access Hollywood and their sister show E!,” said Junaid Sheikh, CEO, Abekas.