Mira gets Connected with Version 5.6 Release

April 16, 2016


New Mira 5.6 Release streamlines your production workflow
The new release for the Mira Replay and Mira Production servers includes integrations designed to simplify your production workflow. Mira customers can download the new software free of charge:

• Evertz routing switcher – control the router from your Mira
• Ross DashBoard – browse and playback Mira clips
• Ross openTruck – rapid reconfiguration from event to event


ASPEN IP I/O on Abekas servers

We will demonstrate the Mira Production server with ASPEN enabled I/O on the ASPEN community booth, North Hall N1000MR.  We also announced the availability of IP based video I/O for the Tria clip server, the Mira Replay and Production servers.


Mira and Tria server integration with axle Video

With this integration Abekas customers can now search and preview every asset on any Abekas Mira or Tria server on their network in a single, unified browser-based view.  axle 2016 software has a new extension to handle the native Abekas media file format.  With it, axle 2016 automatically discovers and catalogs all video, audio and still image media on Abekas servers, imports all metadata, and creates low-res MPEG H.264 proxies which appear in the clean and simple axle user interface.  axle media management is unobtrusive, as it leaves customer folder structures, storage file systems, and original media untouched.


Networking for Mira Replay servers

This new feature allows all Mira Replay servers on the same Gigabit Ethernet network to share clipped content.  Any operator on any Mira can access and pull clips from any other Mira.  Clips pulled from other Mira Replay servers can be included in local highlight playlists.