Introducing 4K Mira Production Server

April 3, 2013

4K Mira Configuration in Golf Channel’s new Arnold Palmer studio

Our industry leading Mira Production Server, now supports Ultra HD 4K content. 4K content can  be recorded via a “base-band” SDI video pathway, consisting of four 3Gb/s connectors; or via Ultra HD 4K media files using Mira’s Media File Import utility.

Optimized 4K Workflow
Mira’s unique 4K clip transport architecture eliminates the need for operators to manually load four or eight separate “4K tile clips”. To load and play a 4K clip, just one clip load and one clip play command is required—whether that command is issued locally from the Mira Explorer server application—or remotely, from external RS422 or Ethernet control.

The 4K playback video output is provided on yet another set of four 3Gb/s BNC coaxial cables. Our unique “Quad-Viewer” output provides an HD representation of the full-resolution 4K video playback. This dramatically reduces the costs and complexity of 4K monitoring is the control room.

Even though the 4K Mira is being introduced at NAB, we have delivered the first 4K unit to Golf Channel, who has deployed the systems to feed their unique panoramic video wall backdrops in the new Arnold Palmer studio. They will be broadcasting their coverage of The Masters starting on April 11.

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